Additional Information Form

To collect additional information from the client necessary for service execution, the company has the option to create an additional information form. In a standard situation, you will receive the client’s first name, last name, and phone number. With the additional information form, you can request more information from the client. The image below illustrates two reservation cases: on the left, there is a reservation with additional information from the client using the additional information form, and on the right, a reservation without an additional information form.

For this purpose, the Bookla system offers the option to create an additional information form. To obtain additional information about the customer and their reservation, you need to create a form on the Bookla portal ( It is possible to create a separate form for each service. To do this, select a specific service. Click on the “Additional Data” section. To start creating a form, click on “Add Data Block.”

Additional form creation

Enter the title of the first block in the place where it says “block,” for example, “Teacher Information.” Once the block title is entered, you need to add a field for the information you want to obtain from the customer’s reservation. There are three types of fields available: Text Field, Dropdown List, or Checkbox:

Additional form creation
  • When choosing a text field, you need to specify its name, for example, “Teacher’s First Name.”
  • Default value – which will be visible to the customer when opening the form, for example, “John.”
  • Mandatory field – by marking this setting, the customer will be required to fill in this field to complete the reservation process.

Choose the appropriate field type:

  • Text
  • Multi-line text
  • Email
  • Number
  • Phone Number

If you need to obtain the teacher’s first name, mark the field type as “text.” Additionally, you can specify the minimum and maximum length of the text field. Once the information is entered, click “Save.”

Additional form creation

To add a new field within the same block, click the “Add Field” button and repeat the process as described above.

Additional form creation

If you need to obtain different types of information from the customer, click “+Add Data Block.” Once done, a new section will be added under the existing data block. In this block, you can, for example, request additional information about the visit, such as the name of the educational institution and the school class, etc.

Once the additional information form is created, it will be visible to the customer during the reservation process.

Additional form creation

Once the customer has filled in the required additional information and made a reservation/purchase, you can review the entered additional information on in the “Reservations” section (by opening the specific slot).

Additional form creation