Purchasing and activating Gift Cards

Do you want to purchase gift cards for your loved ones or friends? Or perhaps you have received a gift card and need to know how to activate it? This is a step-by-step guide on both – purchasing a gift card and activating it.

Gift cards have become a wonderful gifting option for occasions like birthdays or Christmas because they allow the recipient to choose the service that best suits their interests and preferences.

After following these steps, you will learn how to purchase a gift card and activate it on Bookla.

gift card done pdf

How to Purchase a Gift Card:

1. Visit https://bookla.com/en/client or the Bookla application, select a company that offers gift cards, and go to the “Gift Cards” section.

gift cards

2. Choose the gift card you want to give.

gift card details

3. Click on “Register or Log in”.

4. Click on “Continue”.


5. Select the gift card design and enter a message for the gift card recipient.

gift cards design

6. Agree to the payment policy and click “Buy now”.


7. Choose a bank for payment and complete the purchase.

payment options

8. Click on the “Check My Gift Card” button.

payment successful

9. Click on the “Download Gift Card in PDF format” button; you will also receive the gift card in your email.

download gift card

This PDF can be printed or sent digitally to the recipient.

gift card pdf

How to Activate and Use a Gift Card:

  1. To activate the gift card, scan the QR code or visit the website bkla.to/gift and enter the gift card code, and click “Activate”.
activate gift card

2. Click on the “Go to Services” button.

gift card activated

3. Here, you will be directed to services that you can purchase with your gift card.
You can exceed the gift card value by adding payment, or if a service costs less than the gift card’s value, the remaining amount will stay.


4. Choose your desired service.

5. Select the type and quantity of tickets. Click “Choose”.

6. Specify the preferred date and time.

7. Click “Continue”.


8. In the “Payment Details” section, you will see a promo code available for a specific amount, to use it, click “Apply”.

9. Agree to the Cancellation Rules and Payment Policy.

10. Click on the “Book now” button.

summary for  appointment

11. Your appointment is confirmed. Click on the “Ok,got it” button.

appointment is confirmed

12. To check the remaining amount of your gift card, go to “My Gift Cards” section.

13. Click on your gift card to view the remaining amount.

my gift cards

14. Here, the remaining amount of the gift card will be displayed.

remaining amount

That is how easy and comfortable it is to purchase and activate gift cards through the Bookla platform!