Bookla Platform

Booking and scheduling API for Web, Mobile and IoT.

Complete booking and scheduling solution - ready to integrate into your own system, or built from scratch.
Includes: REST API, Mobile SDKs (iOS, Android and Flutter), Web SDK and integration with hardware (tourniquets, door locks, sensors, ticket printers, scanners and more).

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Features To Build a Powerful Reservation System

Build your system from blocks

Make scheduling a breeze, not a blockade, on your path to success.

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No-Code Approach for Hassle-Free Integration

Our product's beauty is in its simplicity. It's for everyone, from developers to non-tech folks. Easily integrate our no-code solution for advanced scheduling, whether you're experienced or new. Make scheduling smooth on your path to success.

Integration with third-party services

Our system also integrates seamlessly with multiple third-party services like Slack, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar, creating a unified system for managing all your appointments and related tasks.

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Mobile and Web SDKs Solution

IOS, Android, Flutter, JavaScript – all integrated effortlessly for enhanced app functionality.

// Init Bookla SDK and set user
let sdk = BooklaSDK(key: "XXXXXXX")
sdk.user = {
	uuid: "USER_ID",
	firstName: "John",
	lastName: "Smith"

// show
let vc = sdk.serviceController(id: "SERVICE_ID")
vc.present(from: parentViewController)

Choose your plan

Includes 20 bookingsFOR FREE


€ 50/month

Includes 100 bookings

€ 0.50 per extra booking


€ 200/month

Includes 500 bookings

€ 0.40 per extra booking


€ 500/month

Includes 2k bookings

€ 0.30 per extra booking

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€ 1000/month

Includes 5k bookings

€ 0.20 per extra booking

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Proven Success

Join the ranks of successful apps like Bookla that are already leveraging our API and mobile SDKs. With more than 200,000 app downloads, they've experienced first-hand the benefits of our robust scheduling solution. You could be next.

200k+App downloads
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