Access Automation and 24/7 Service Provision Without Employee Involvement

Introducing the Bookla solution that allows you to fully automate customer access to your business using state-of-the-art technology. With the help of the Bookla system and in collaboration with our partners, you can create completely automated access to your company’s services that doesn’t require human intervention. Finally, you won’t need to hire employees to work at the reception, issue tickets, and open doors for customers, as the Bookla system takes care of all these tasks on your behalf.

How It Works

Your customers purchase tickets or book services through the Bookla system and receive a QR code on their app or via email. When they arrive at your business location, customers scan the QR code using a scanner at the door or gate. The doors are automatically opened, and customers can use their selected services without the need for physical presence. After their visit, customers can leave feedback on the service quality, helping you improve.

Bookla access automation

Required Equipment

  • Controller
  • QR code scanner
  • Internet connection
  • Smart key or turnstile
  • Cables, brackets, and video camera (optional)

Cost and Support Availability

Solution price: 3,000 EUR* + VAT (*excluding turnstile cost)

For each reservation (purchase), Bookla charges 2.5% + VAT for bank transfers and 5% + VAT for credit card payments.

*Support with 100% intensity is available for implementing such a solution through LIAA (Investment and Development Agency of Latvia). More information can be found here: link

Use Cases

Ikšķiles Tennis Court: The Ogre Municipality serves the tennis courts, and to reserve and pay for a tennis court rental, customers had to visit the municipal office, make a reservation, and complete the payment. This process was cumbersome and time-consuming for both customers and the municipality. To address this, a smart key was installed at the entrance to the tennis court, which was connected to the Bookla system. Now, customers can check the available time slots and make reservations at any time, making a prepayment for the service. After a successful payment, customers receive a QR code, which they scan at the entrance gate to access the tennis court. Scanning the QR code activates the electronic gate key, allowing entry. After the visit, the user can provide feedback on the visit, enabling the municipality to monitor service quality.

Valmiera Gym: A fitness club in Valmiera employed three administrators to track customer visits and membership expiration dates. To reduce administrative workload and employee costs, the business owner chose to install a turnstile system at the entrance to the gym, which is integrated with the Bookla reservation system. Currently, all membership sales take place through the Bookla system, and the business owner can monitor statistics and sales in real time. Customers who have purchased a membership no longer need to check in with an administrator; they simply scan their QR code at the turnstile, and if the membership is valid, they gain entry to the gym.

You can also automate your business using the Bookla access solution. Contact us today and take a step toward the future!