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the new life issue 2003
from the editor

Lately it seems as if the world has been feeling tight, listless, uncomfortable in its own skin, waiting to shed it, and come out glistening new.

The tried and true, business as usual, feel tired out and uninspiring, may even lead us to ruin.

There is a yearning for a fresh start, for untried approaches and possibilities.

In this issue we introduce you to some extraordinary individuals, who in ways small and epic, quiet and loud, are forging their own path.

People whose ambition is nothing short of changing the world, or as specific as illuminating one small corner of their back yard. Individuals seeking solutions, or just asking the hard questions.

From John Robbins, who walked away from the Baskin Robbins fortune to take on the transgressions of the food industry, to photographer Gregory Colbert who left a small town in Canada for Thai monasteries and African oceans, to capture moments between man and animal of transcendent beauty, to Dan Eldon, who in his short life as a war journalist, helped to end a famine, and continues to transform lives even after his death, to an array of local Los Angelenos scribbling, acting, designing, performing, contorting and singing out in their own unique and powerful voices.

Whether you agree with them, or their choices, they force us to look at the world around us anew, transforming our way of seeing.

They force us to look at our own lives and wonder about a new life for all of us.

Patrick Kahn

gregory colbert
renaissance artist, by mia taylor
dan eldon
life after death, by mia taylor
john robbins
the food revolution, by mia taylor
william claxton
photographic memory, excerpt
cinema today
new releases, by jean oppenheimer
raw emotion, by kahi lee
danny huston
one on one, with gregg rosenzweig
couture seduction
highlights spring 03
spiritual expressions
every picture tells a story
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