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RSU Anatomy Museum

RSU anatomy museum
RSU Anatomy Museum
The RSU Anatomy Museum is an unusual museum - a historical collection with a contemporary approach. It is the place to come in order to learn about the diversity of human bodies.
It is a place where you can see what usually only surgeons or anatomists see. The collection was created in the first half of the 20th century, but has been available to the public since 2020.


COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way how museums must operate and host guests. Firstly, museums have to limit and control the people flow during the day. Secondly, conditions for social distancing should be created. Thirdly, museums should keep the history of all visits for at least one month, to be able to contact people if they may contact an infected person.


COVID-19 restrictions have changed the way how museums must operate and host guests.

Online reservations

RSU museum is using Bookla with pre-defined timeslots and visitor count limitations. People can make reservations in the mobile app and choose specific tickets they want to book.
Online booking

Tickets validation

Tickets can be validated with a QR scanner or by checking the list of clients for the particular timeslot. No physical contact is made during this process.
QR code scanners

Bookings history

All bookings history and all clients are available in Bookla, which makes it possible to control the exposure of COVID-19. If an infected person has visited the museum then all other visitors can be notified who were there at the same time. Also, bookings history allows checking analytics and plan marketing campaigns for existing clients.
Group booking


We got positive feedback about Bookla from the RSU museum as well as their clients. Museum employees spend much less time on phone calls as clients make bookings themselves. New clients are discovering the museum in the Bookla app when they plan some activity. And most importantly, all COVID-19 security requirements are met and the museum can operate normally.
RSU museum sculls expositionRSU museum lungs exposition

After COVID-19

RSU museum wants to keep Bookla even when all restrictions are removed as the system helps to control the visitors' flow and makes the place more discoverable for the new clients.

Client feedback

Rūta Žiaugre
Bookla is the best companion for controlling the people flow.
The modern RSU Anatomy museum was opened during the pandemic when epidemiological restrictions allowed only 25 sq. meters per person. That means that only seven people were allowed to be at the museum at the same time. But the interest from the potential visitors was huge.

How to deal with that?

Bookla platform was there to the rescue. It allows organizing people flow and avoid queues, that makes our clients more satisfied. Also, Bookla helps to divide the flows when we have group bookings from schools.

We will definitely use Bookla in the future when there will be no epidemiological restrictions. It helps us to organize our daily work and avoid situations when there are too many people on the exposition that disturbs clients to enjoy the museum.
Rūta Žiaugre
RSU Representative

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