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How Bookla Streamlined Bookings & Ticket Presales at the “Space Education Center”

Space Education Center - Bookla online booking and scheduling software
Journey Through the Stars: Where Learning Meets Infinity!
Discover the universe's wonders at the Space Education Center, a renowned destination for educational and after-school activities. Esteemed for its dynamic approach, the center offers an engaging and informative experience tailored for both families and school groups. Here, education seamlessly blends with practical, hands-on activities, all under the captivating theme of space exploration.
The center's distinguished objective is to spark and nurture a deep-rooted interest in natural sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics among children, guiding them to envision a future connected with these essential fields.


What we faced
The Space Education Center focuses on streamlining ticket presales, aiming for a convenient process for customers and staff. This emphasis on efficiency stems from a desire to enhance the overall customer experience, elevating the quality of service provided by the center. For staff, a simplified process means reducing administrative burdens and allowing more focus on customer service and operational excellence.

A key objective is to avoid overbooking, as the interactive nature of the exhibits could be compromised by overcrowding.
The center caters to a wide range of visitors, including children, adults, students, and teachers, and thus employs a tiered pricing strategy.
Additionally, being a popular destination for school groups, the center needs a robust system to manage group ticket sales efficiently.


Bookla approach
By adopting Bookla's innovative software, the Space Education Center has achieved seamless management of customer flow to its interactive exhibitions, enabling effective planning for visitor traffic in the upcoming days. This integration also offers a streamlined and hassle-free booking experience for visitors. They can conveniently purchase tickets either through the center's website or directly via the Bookla customer portal.

Online reservations

Space Exploration Centre uses Bookla with pre-defined timeslots and visitor count limitations, thereby preventing overbooking and overcrowding.
Bookla online booking and scheduling software

Dynamic Pricing Module

Bookla's pricing system allows Space Education Center to implement tiered pricing for different visitor groups and discounts.
Bookla online booking and scheduling software

Group Booking Functionality

Bookla equips the Space Education Center with streamlined group booking capabilities, making the organization and management of large groups, like school trips, significantly more efficient and effortless.
Bookla online booking and scheduling software


Just the beginning
Since becoming fully operational over two months ago, the Space Education Center has welcomed over ten thousand visitors. The Bookla system's centralized ticket presales and scheduling have enabled the staff to focus their time and energy on offering top-notch service and undivided attention to visitors. Additionally, Bookla's comprehensive review system has been instrumental for the staff, allowing them to promptly address customer feedback and enhance the visitor experience rapidly and effectively.
Space Education Center - Bookla online booking and scheduling software Space Education Center - Bookla online booking and scheduling software

Client Feedback

Miks Dzenis

Director of the Space Education Center
"The Space Education Center's offerings include two different target audiences – families and schools, which also means different conditions and a range of services.

Advance reservations by clients allow us to anticipate the number of visitors at specific times, giving us the opportunity to prepare for a larger or smaller number of people and to control visitor flow. When a client purchases tickets, we already see in advance who will visit our center - an adult, student, pensioner, child up to 18 years, child from 3 to 6 years, etc. This helps us better identify the audience visiting our center and subsequently tailor our service range to the audience.

We appreciate the opportunity in the Bookla platform to develop customer services ourselves, track reservations, create several parallel calendars (depending on the target audience), adapt the service delivery design colors to our visual identity, develop unique offers – special discounts, ticket packages, individual offers to our customers.

We value that the platform provides tools that ensure the individual development of each service according to different conditions, offering various ticket policies (depending on the target audience), service descriptions, and personalized emails depending on the service.The Bookla team has listened to our wishes and delved into our situation to deliver as complete a service experience as possible to the end user. Thanks to the responsive customer service staff, it is possible to get answers to unclear questions, as well as solve unexpected problems that arise for customers when purchasing tickets.

The Space Education Center is about growth and improvement, so we appreciate that the Bookla team is focused on new innovations and continues to improve its service range, listening to customer wishes.

We see that in the long term we want to move as much as possible towards automated customer service, ensuring as convenient ticket purchase and customer information as possible before visiting the center."

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