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from the editor


You’ve heard the expression “out with the old, in with the new,” well we’d like to say, in with the old and in with the new. Some things never go out of fashion; truth, beauty, and nostalgia itself. And something old-fashioned can be reborn as ultra-modern, sparkling new.

Emily Blunt is a rising young star playing the most famous of Victorians, Queen Victoria herself. Billy Bob Thornton is a good ol’ boy who loves a good period piece. With a career spanning half a century, Martin Landau has had more comebacks than most actors have credits. His robust talent is compelling every time out of the gate, even if the once futuristic “Space 1999” is now part of history. Cole Hauser and Parker Posey are both modern actors with a ‘40s movie star quality.

Jon Jacobs is literally living in two worlds, this one, and the new, virtual one. Our visual artists, Phil Hansen and Colin Brown are viral phenomena. Hansen has invented a new way of both creating and disseminating art—on youtube, bypassing galleries and agents, while Brown’s photos of the Griffith Park Fire were an internet sensation.

Chris Weeks, a young photographer who prefers film over digital images. In glorious black and white, he recaptures the timeless glamour of old Hollywood. And his subjects, even if they are movie stars, suddenly seem so much more glamorous themselves.

We invite you to sample the best of both worlds. What’s old is new and what’s new is probably old, even if we don’t realize it.

Mia Taylor


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