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new faces
Photo by Lionel Deluy
a first look at the talents of tomorrow

Amy Acker is co-starring in Mr. Dramatic, with Olivier Hudson and Alana De La Garza and can been seen in Thanks to Gravity with Sean Astin, and The Perfect Man starring Hilary Duff and Heather Locklear.

She has previously has been starring as Fred in the hit WB series ANGEL to which USA Today gave a 4-star rating.

Photographer Lionel Deluy describes her as a classic beauty. "I loved working with her. She projects intelligence and confidence with unpretentiousness. She has star quality."

Born and raised in Dallas, Acker is an accomplished dancer having studied ballet, modern, and jazz for 13 years before earning her BFA degree from renown Southern Methodist University.


make up by Donald Simrock/Exclusive
hair by Ian James/Exclusive
styling : Kevin Seah/Smashbox
top: salmon top from Nu. Stripped skirt from Heatherette. side:nude top from Nu. leather skirt from Jewels. suede boots from Jimmy Choo. cuff & necklace from Fragment.


also see rachelle - clare - nadine - icey - donna - ksenia - kelly
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