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new faces
Photo by Lionel Deluy
a first look at the talents of tomorrow

Lionel describes Rachelle as "an absolute beauty with perfect skin". Although only 18 when we initially discovered her, model and actress Rachelle was already racking up the credits. You may have spotted her on Something so Right, or in commercials for Reebok, Revlon, Old Navy, Mini Cooper, and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Rachelle is also wise beyond her years. The most important thing to her is integrity. "I could be in a very different place right now if it wasn't for my integrity. I think in this industry people often neglect their morals and lose themselves"

Rachelle had her 16th birthday on September 11th, 2001. "It was sad. My dad called me at 7 and I expected him to say happy birthday, but instead he told me to turn on my TV. It was a VERY BAD birthday. "

As an actress, her passion is comedy. "I LOVE comedy. In acting class I will do anything to improve a comedy scene. " Beautiful, smart, and she can make us laugh. We know we'll be seeing more of her.


make up & hair by Marianne Filali

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