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API for Integration With Access Control Hardware

Integrating access control hardware into your security system is about more than selecting the right hardware. It's about enhancing security seamlessly with your existing systems without compromising on convenience or flexibility.

Access control hardware integration

Types of Access Control Hardware That Can Be Integrated:

  • Biometric systems: Utilize fingerprints, facial recognition, or retina scans.
  • Card readers: Support magnetic stripe, proximity, and smart cards.
  • Mobile access control: Allows entry using smartphones or wearable devices.
  • Keypads: Require a numeric code for entry.
  • Electronic locks: Controlled remotely or through other access control systems.
Access control hardware

Access Control Hardware Requires:

  • Reliable connectivity: Ensures consistent operation through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or hardwired connections.
  • Durable materials: Suitable for indoor, outdoor, high-traffic, or extreme conditions.
  • Compatibility: Works with various operating systems and devices.
  • Scalability: Easily expandable for security needs growth.

Access Control Hardware Must Allow Settings For:

  • Access levels: Define access to specific areas at certain times.
  • Time restrictions: Control access based on time of day or week.
  • Access logs: For security and compliance tracking.
  • Remote management: Provides flexibility in managing access.
  • Integration with existing systems: For comprehensive security management.

Access Control Hardware Must Be Able To:

  • Grant or deny access automatically: Based on rules and user credentials.
  • Generate alerts: For unauthorized access attempts.
  • Operate in fail-safe or fail-secure mode: For safety or security during power failures.
  • Support multi-factor authentication: An additional layer of security.
Access control hardware capabilities

Secure Your Premises with Bookla Platform

Integrating access control hardware with the Bookla platform provides a seamless and flexible security solution. Our platform supports the necessary infrastructure for a comprehensive security management system, allowing you to implement a wide range of access control hardware options effectively.


Develop your access control project significantly faster, with our platform streamlining the integration process.


Stay within budget by leveraging our platform to reduce development costs and time.


Ensure a secure and reliable access control system with our platform's robust infrastructure.

Custom Software for Your Company's Needs

Our Bookla Platform enables clients to implement an access control solution that perfectly fits their security requirements and existing systems without the need to rearrange any internal processes.

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