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API for Online Gift Cards

Creating a gift card system involves much more than just setting up an online store and designing a beautiful card. Chances are, neither your client nor you would be satisfied with such a straightforward solution.

Let's assume you want to develop a gift card functionality for your client. They come to you with a technical specification they've drafted themselves. Everyone is familiar with gift cards and it might seem like creating them is straightforward. But does a client, who has seen how gift cards work for other businesses, really know how to precisely outline a technical specification?

Types of Gift Cards That Can Be Created:

  • Gift card for a spendable amount
    This allows customers to buy a card with a flexible value that can be spent across multiple purchases until the balance reaches zero.
  • Gift card with a fixed amount for a single purchase
    This card is used once for a purchase up to or equal to its value, with no remaining balance.
  • Gift card for a specific service
    Dedicated to services like spa treatments, consultations, etc., where the card's value is tied to the service rather than an amount.
  • Gift card for a specific product
    This could be for a subscription or a tangible good, where the card specifically covers the cost of that product.
  • Gift card for a group of services/products
    Allows flexibility within a selected range of products or services.

Gift Cards Require:

  • Payment integration options
    Such as credit card, internet banking, PayPal, for purchasing the gift cards.
  • Unique design for the card and congratulatory email
    Enhances the gifting experience.
  • Multilingual support
    Important for businesses operating in multilingual regions or with a diverse customer base.
  • Addition for multiple client company branches
    Allows the system to be used by businesses with multiple locations.
  • Reporting, Statistics
    For tracking sales, popular choices, remaining balances, etc.
  • Notifications about expiration dates
    To remind both the giver and the recipient of the card's expiry.

Gift Cards Must Allow Settings For:

  • The amount
    The value loaded onto the gift card.
  • The purchase amount
    A promotional feature where the gift card's cost is less than its value.
  • VAT percentage
    For tax calculations, important in regions where VAT applies.
  • Expiry date
    Determines when the card becomes unusable.
  • Name and Description
    For personalization and clarification of the card's purpose or restrictions.
  • Design
    The visual appearance of the card, which could be customizable.

Gift Cards Must Be Able To:

  • Be purchased by the buyer for themselves or another recipient
    Flexibility in gifting options.
  • Be returned, canceled, and frozen
    Important for managing loss, theft, or change of mind.
  • Be checked (by the business on-site) and activated
    For verification and activation before or upon first use.
  • Offer Multiple Redemption Options
    Enable the card to be redeemed for purchases, bookings, or converted to loyalty points, broadening its appeal.
  • Enable Balance Consolidation
    Allow combining multiple gift card balances into one, simplifying management for recipients.

Build Gift Cards solution with Bookla headless platform

By using the Bookla platform, we guarantee that you will be able to implement any of these features and add even more - Bookla platform is an open tool for your development needs. Our years of experience working directly with companies have allowed us to transfer this knowledge to a headless, no-code platform.


Using our customized functionality, you can build your project 10 times faster than starting from scratch. Whether you need to create an MVP for a client or a complete solution, we guarantee that with the Bookla platform, you will save up to ten times the amount of time.


Developers often face limited budgets and sometimes have to decline client orders because developing a product from scratch significantly increases project costs. With the Bookla platform, you're building almost from scratch, but at a speed that's 10x faster.


Ensure the purchase and spending of gift cards are secure and reliable. The Bookla platform is a proven solution that has been used by many companies. We guarantee that your project will be secure and reliable.

Custom Software for Your Company's Needs

We built the Bookla Platform so that clients don't have to rearrange any internal process because the system can't be adapted. Our advantage is that you can create a solution that 100% meets the client's requirements and existing processes.

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