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API-First Online Bookings With Intake Forms

Creating an intake form system is crucial for service-based businesses, demanding a thoughtful approach to efficiently collect essential information from clients while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Online Intake Forms

Types of Intake Forms That Can Be Created:

  • General Information Form: Collects basic details such as name, contact information, and demographics.
  • Medical History Form: Details a patient's medical history for healthcare providers.
  • Service-Specific Form: Tailored to specific services asking for relevant details.
  • Feedback Form: For gathering post-service client feedback.
  • Consent Form: Legal agreements or consent to treatment.
Types of Intake Forms

Intake Forms Must Allow Settings For:

  • Custom Fields: To create custom questions based on service or information needed.
  • Conditional Logic: Questions that appear based on previous answers.
  • Attachments: Option for clients to attach files or documents.
  • Branding: Customization to match business branding.
  • Notifications: Alerts when a form is completed and submitted.

Intake Forms Must Be Able To:

  • Be easily accessible: Clients should fill out forms from any device.
  • Integrate with scheduling: Automatically send forms with booked appointments.
  • Store data securely: Complying with privacy laws for sensitive information storage.
  • Automate follow-ups: Remind clients to complete forms before their appointment.
Intake Forms Must Be Able To

Intake Forms Require:

  • Integration with existing systems: CRM, EHR, or appointment scheduling tools.
  • Reporting & Analytics: To track completion rates and client engagement.
  • Multi-language support: For serving a diverse client base.
  • Accessibility features: Ensuring usability for people with disabilities.

Streamline Client Intake with Bookla Platform Forms

The Bookla platform enables the development of customized online intake forms, integrating seamlessly with your client's processes to collect essential information efficiently, enhancing the overall client experience.


Develop your intake form solutions rapidly with our platform, saving significant time and accelerating the deployment process.


Create powerful intake form solutions within budget constraints, leveraging our platform’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Ensure the highest security standards for your intake forms, with our platform providing robust data protection measures.

Custom Software for Your Company's Needs

Utilize the Bookla Platform to develop custom online intake forms that perfectly align with your clients' needs, ensuring a seamless and productive client information collection process.

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