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the power issue 2000
danni ashe

"Literally millions of people visit my site every month and that gives me an opportunity to shape the way people perceive and relate to women who've chosen to take their clothes off for a living” says Danni Ashe, a 5’2”, big-busted (32FF), blonde exhibitionist who has the distinction of being the only woman to grace the cover of both Juggs Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

She’s in the internet sex business and loving it. Danni started stripping at 18 in Seattle, then moved to LA. In 1995 she taught herself html, and with $8,000 worth of computer equipment founded Danni‘s Hard Drive.ww

Subscribers to “Danni’s Hot Box” pay $19.95 each month for the service, which provides thousands of updated photos, videos, interviews with nude models and x-rated actresses, and live videoconferencing.

In 5 years, DHD has gone from a back room operation to a full- fledged business, generating 7 million hits a day and $5 million this year.

Danni is a modern day Horatio Alger...with FF’s.

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